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JLClient.NET, is a Microsoft .NET based application that provides an updated interface into the static screen based world of Justice data access. JLClient.NET is a Microsoft Windows Forms application that supports the definition of data access templates to access any type of data.

JLClient.NET reduces costs and support overhead by utilizing .NET technology.

JLClient.NET supports NCIC, NLETS and local image display, modification and entry. Utilizing the client users can easily attach photos to NCIC records and retrieve photos from local, state and national systems.

JLSecurity centrally manages the configuration and deployment of JLClient.NET. User access, ORI assignment, certification dates and security levels are managed through JLSecurity; users are can pull down the updated configuration the next time they sign in.

JLClient.NET meets or exceeds all FBI CJIS Security Policy requirements.

JLClient.NET can be implemented at the local agency level, statewide or as an integrated part of a statewide full JusticeLink deployment.

JLClient.NET Wireless Network Support:
CDPD Nextel
EVDO/1Xrtt/CDMA Satellite
802.11a/b/g EDACS

Application Images:
JLCLientStateCell JLClientLocalSatellite JLClientLocalCell
JLClient.NET Logon JLClient.NET Signed On JLClient.NET QW Screen
with image
JLClient.NET Map Display