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JusticeLink is an N-Tier application integration environment designed to meet the needs of the law enforcement programming community.

All law enforcement applications have one thing in common and that is the need for data from other applications, and these other applications may be other local applications or applications in other states or agencies.

It is almost guaranteed that the application that has the data that your application needs, whether local or remote, does not have that data in the format you can use. JusticeLink is designed to support the complex interactions and conversions need to get the right data, in the right format to the user that needs it.

The JusticeLink environment is a 100% XML based application integration environment. All internal programs use nothing but XML to perform their functions. Unfortunately, this does not mean that text responses from NCIC or NLETS are now suddenly available in XML data format. But we are working in that direction.

As responses from major interfaces become available in XML they will be integrated directly into the JusticeLink's native XML environment which will now allow your data hungry local applications to get what they need without scrapping data streams to get it.

Integrated management/configuration tools enhance JusticeLink and assist your employees, and the integrated web client, JLWebClient, supports NCIC 2000 capabilities and reduces staff overhead. Many of the features of JusticeLink are designed to allow local agencies to assume responsibility for routine administrative duties such as updating certification dates, changing passwords, modifying security groups on agency devices and or operators.

Application Images:
Agency Configuration LDI Configuration Operator Configuration
ORI Configuration Security Group Configuration  
JusticeLink Admin Console    
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